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Valentin Yudashkin Wallpaper

Valentin Yudashkin / HOME FASHION / №5 GOLD EDITION

Video from Valentin Yudashkin boutique about the Gold Edition collection

Every Valentin Yudashkin’s most successful fashion creation
has been characterized by the use of the most precious of metals: gold.
Its presence has always been fundamental for
three words that are usually associated with him:
light, luxury and splendour.
By letting ourselves be fascinated by these three concepts,
was born the inspiration for the creation of the three sets which are part
of this new exclusive collection of wallpapers by Valentin Yudashkin.
A combination of proposals worthy of being compared to the clothes of a muse.
This way, you will have the sensation of enjoying every day
the emotions and the atmosphere of a fashion show on your walls.